Decisions, Decisions

I know I've been posting a lot of house-related stuff lately, but with spring's arrival I have been feeling even more inspired. Right now, my mind is obsessed with my office because I've been working on some side projects, meaning I've been spending a lot of time in there.

With that being said, we really need to remedy the light situation because the floor lamp isn’t cutting it after the sun goes down. 

I perused the internet and came up with some different options and need to make a decision ASAP. I've posted the links and pricing below. What do you guys think?

//1 $156.00
//2 $159.00
//3 $108.72
//4 $99.90
//5 $170.99 


operation paint the whole house before spring: complete

Somewhere in the midst of this treacherous winter I got the idea in my head to take advantage of being a slave to my home and paint every. darn. room. (with the exception of the kitchen and the bathroom because they are being gutted . . .eventually). It started so innocently with the office, and then the sun room which quickly turned into the hallway and now lastly, our bedroom. We technically could have done our spare room too, but it's a neutral color right now and honestly it's just a dumping ground that serves as space for an air mattress for our friends who want to stay over ;)

I had such a hard time picking a color for this room but the thing that swayed me to choose a darker and moodier blue was when Ben pointed out that we don't actually hang out in there a ton and it's mostly for sleeping, so even if it did turn out super dark, it doesn't really matter. That lead to us picking Behr's UL220-20 Atmospheric. (The ceiling is Behr flat white ceiling paint and the trim is the same as the rest of the house- Behr semi-gloss bright white.)

Some Friday night, messy room before's:

 Conquering the ceiling and the trim:

And finally, the walls! With help from my very best painting helpers, our mamas:



Next up are:

// Building a window seat 

// Adding crown molding

// Replacing the bedroom door + hardware



CL // the mecca of all things furniture

Decorating for me is both a completely satisfying and completely torturous process. I waffle between being obsessed with any changes I make to jumping into the next project without taking a breath. I’ll spend months scouring second hand stores and Craigslist for the perfect item only to constantly have one little thing that's off enough for me to pass it up.  This week, I decided to plug in my usual "leather armchair" search into CL and this beauty came up. 

The structure! The beading! The price! I immediately emailed the seller and snatched it up. It needs a little lovin' as the wood is worn and there are a few tears, but I love how how it is so much sleeker than the recliner. Sorry Ivy!

And speaking of our office, big changes are happening. We've decided to turn this closet into built in bookshelves to accommodate our growing collection. A couple months ago, I had cleaned out and organized it but it quickly turned back into my hoarder's closet and took my desk along with it.

We're moving this desk to the basement and putting the new chair, a reading lamp, an ottoman and a side table in its place. And because my CL stalking is never done, I'm hunting for this next . . .

reading lamp

Have you thrifted anything good lately?


Our Brand New Addition!

Happy Monday! We've been talking about and planning for a dog since we moved into this house back in August and this past weekend we finally found the perfect pup for us!

Here's how the whole thing went down. We visited a couple shelters last weekend but decided to check out a few more this weekend just to cover our bases and really get a good look around. Yesterday, we had a foster mom bring this little cutie to us and we fell in love with her immediately. This lady was only supposed to keep her for two weeks as a favor and due to some family issues she really needed to find her a home stat. 

We think she is about 9 months old and she's already potty-trained, fixed and knows her commands! She needs a little bit more training,but she is SO smart and such a little cuddle bug. Just this morning when Ben took her in from her walk he said "go get mommy!" and she bounded into our bedroom and up on the bed where she snuggled up next to me for 45 minutes. Not a bad way to wake up ;)

I am so happy we finally took this step and although we literally just got her, it already feels like she was always supposed to be a part of our family. Needless to say, she is gonna be one spoiled princess! 

  • We used Bailey's Arms Dog Rescue
  • The rescue organization thinks she is a lab/staffordshire terrier mix. We think there's some pit in there too based on her features and her laid back personality. 
  • We're still working on a name. Any and all suggestions are welcome!


Lightened Up Spring Dinners

Long gone are the days of big pasta dishes and heavy soups in this house! We've embraced eating lighter with a vengeance and  have been loving every minute of it. Our only real "criteria" for meals is to keep them veggie and protein heavy and add in tons of natural flavor. Check out this week's dinners (all made from this grocery trip) and don't forget to share your favorite healthy dinner recipes in the comment section below!



spicy + crispy sweet potato home fries (with a fried egg!)



eggplant boats with lean ground turkey, spinach and roasted red peppers



steak, pepper and onion fajita bowls (served with diced tomatoes  and avocado slices)



grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches with sauteed onions, roasted red peppers and pickles!



grilled lemon pepper shrimp over zucchini noodes

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