A New Challenge // Whole30

I've been eating primarily plant-based for a couple weeks now. The decision wasn't something that came on suddenly and it wasn't an a-ha moment or anything dramatic, I just felt like we had so much produce at our fingertips that it made sense to make the most of it and that developed organically into a spurt of vegetarianism.

When I saw Amber was doing another Whole30 I felt bummed because my original impression of the Paleo lifestyle was meat, meat, meat and I didn't want to give up my new way of thinking.  But upon further research, I decided to give the Whole30 a go. It's just as much focused on produce as it is on animal-based protein.  With that being said, I am making sure to source all of my meat and eggs organically and locally and I'm still piling my plate high with seasonal vegetables. I think the summer is prime time for me to try this challenge because all of our farms (both meat / dairy and produce) are booming, and not to mention we've got Ben's brothers wedding in two (!!) months.  Yes, they got engaged this past weekend. We. Are. Thrilled!!!!!!!

Any who! You might be asking yourself what is the Whole30 and Paleo? And that's where I direct you to Amber's blog and The Whole30 Program Guidelines. I think it's important for me to address a few things before I jump into this adventure:

I do not believe legumes, grains and dairy are the devil.
I do not have a gluten or dairy sensitivity.
I simple just want to try something new after hearing rave reviews from one of my closest friends. And selfishly,  I want to look smokin' as a matron of honor to my best friend ;-)

I learned from A that meal planning is the key to success so tonight I loaded my grocery cart high with everything I'll need for the following week. (I'll be shopping on a weekly basis so nothing goes bad). Here's what we've got on the menu:

Breakfasts: fruit, coffee/tea, and some form of eggs (pan fried, hard boiled, scrambled with veggies)
Lunches: leftovers from dinner the night before
  • Tonight's Dinner . . .
  • Wednesday -- fajita bowls (grilled steak, peppers and onion with a side of homemade guacamole)
  • Thursday -- grilled chicken and mango lettuce wraps
  • Friday -- family wedding, good thing I ordered steak!
  • Saturday -- grilled shrimp skewers and roasted asparagus over greens
  • Sunday -- spinach and mushroom stuffed eggplant 
Wish me luck!


  1. Your menu sounds delicious! Fajita bowls are one of my absolute favorites. We are due for some homemade guac! Glad you decided to join in :)

  2. I hear more and more about the Whole30 and from what I've seen on blogs, it does work! But you know you already look smokin' hawt! ;)

    1. Aww thanks M-P! I'm already dreading sharing before pictures at the end of the month but let's hope the afters make it worth it ;-)


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